March 14, 2023

Dr Lucille O’Neal keynote speaker at CGLA’s Odyssey 2023

Dr Lucille O’Neal and Dr Elaine Swafford

Doctor Lucille O’Neal, like her famous son Shaquille O’Neal, has her hands in a little bit of everything. Dr. O’Neal’s book “Walk like you have somewhere to be.” More than just a title for her it is a lifestyle. It was something she was told when she was younger that stayed with her, impactful. Dr O’Neal proudly said her son, Shaq, retired NBA player, paid for her and his sister to go to college. “Parents invest in your kids while they’re young and it will pay off.”

Dr O’Neal’s Book

After loosing her mother to cancer she created her non profit that gives scholarships for those pursing nursing degrees because her mother was a nurse.

Dr O’Neal didn’t speak for too long and offered to answer some questions afterwards.

Faith is like the wind you can’t see but you know it’s there.

During her speech Dr O’Neal gave us her ABC’s and (I missed about 15 of them) but the ones I did get was noted below.




Forge Ahead

Graciously Put thoughts in to action

Help Somebody

I am Somebody

Stand up for what up you believe

Trust yourself

Unite with Family/Framily

Will Power

Dr O’Neal was kind enough to offer me some impactful advice that I too will always remember, she said “just jump, God will show you the rest. You already have testimony and the experience to relate so don’t be afraid just pray and trust God to do the rest. I walked away full and I hadn’t eaten anything. But I will always hold on that piece of advice and maybe I’ll include it in one of my next books.

Dr Lucille O’Neal and I