October 10, 2022

Greater Chattanooga Women’s Fund Voices

Zennia, myself, Erika Burnett and Roe

A group of bad ass women in one room with a common goal to help every woman. Where there are 20 or 30 women gathered together there is winning taking place. Yeah I know it looks like fun but we worked. Well I did anyway. We connected drank Champagne and bid on some really dope items and services from locals all for a great cause. I must’ve had too fun much because I missed the lash extension up for auction, and y’all know I love a good lash tech, Roe won them. I was probably too busy running my mouth to see them.

The purpose of the party

From my YouTube channel
Erika Burnett at the Women’s Fund is here to shake Ish up around here as Executive Director and I’m honored that my invite came directly from this beautiful black stylist amazing woman.

I was invited to sit with Stefanie Crowe’s table owner of Aegle wealth where I connected with Tangela Johnson and some other amazing women at the table Stefanie Crowe built and we all had one thing in common Stefanie makes us more money. And I’m proud to call her friend.

Guest and Miss Joyce Watson Young Ladies of Power
Stefanie Crowe and myself

Stefanie talked about the Women’s Fund’s period project to provide girls the sanitary products they need for that time of the month

I connected with Tangela Johnson (I hope you watched the video and heard her very power and moving speech that nobody wanted to follow) and some other amazing women at the table that all said Stefanie makes them more money. And I’m proud to call her my friend.

Mrs Tangela Johnson

Don’t worry there are so many ways to be a part of this movement.

Donations and more information can be found at: Chattanoogawomensfund.org 1100 Market Street suite 600 Chattanooga TN 36402

I had to wear pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness month

I just want to add that my whole outfit was thrifted Loft dress $7 shoes new only worn for 10 minutes. Pink bracelets By Kam
All That I was missing was pink pearls and a Pink bag I bought it all afterwards