April 6, 2022

Inventing Anna on Netflix

I will admit that at first try I was not impressed I couldn’t get into it.

But I heard a friend’s comment that said Shonda Rhimes does not disappoint and that alone had my curiosity was piqued and I had to know more I get the way Shonda rights even though it sometimes seem to be some obvious that it was almost unbelievable that we can’t stop watching like Scandal and Grey and Bridgertons. So before episode 3 I was hooked by how I related to this new Shondaland hit.

No I never scam a whole city out of the biggest building in New York City but I do feel like an outcast in a foreign land a place that isn’t my home. I have always played it safe in a world made up of scammers fraudulent imposters all out for self. A country built on scams lies and theft and stolen people.

Anna threw around the words “wire transfer ” and her daddy having money flipped her brunette and was granted access to golden opportunity doors and people. Anna’s story isn’t about one person but her story mirrors so many like us. Growing up hard and poor and disadvantaged pretending to be I saw myself in Vivan too wanting to prove her worth in the writing world because I have never worked for a big publication I am a writer with a point to prove I worked and went to school pregnant and I begged and bargain with my daughter not to come until after I completed my exams and a test for a job to start as soon as my six weeks were over still not in my career or degree(s) field just one to feed my kids and pay the bills not the American dream but a little black girl in Chattanooga reality, a nice paying job with benefits. I know the hours put in to something you think you want so badly only to aim and not still all short.

Neff was definitely me that was like looking into a damn mirror, the most down ass friend the ride or die as she stated, The filmmaker and director at heart with the determination know how and of course the passion with a million no good excuses on why we have never made a real film. Yet more dedicated to a job and a safety net and not my dream, my career, my passion and no guarantees.

We call this fear “imposter syndrome”

Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. ‘Imposters’ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.


And code switching

Switching from our natural more relaxed personality while at home or in comfortable setting or/and own to a whole other persona in workplaces public spaces where we could be judged according to our environment, transform like a chameleon

my own point of view

we understand that although we can hang with Anna but as a black woman we can never get away with half the shit Anna got away with, not for lack of trying because black women are very intelligent and leading the way in owning opening and running businesses, but because of shows like American Gangsters “Trap Queens” were guilty proven innocent and Neff, a very smart marketing and negotiating genius was ignoring the red flags because of the tables it was now getting her chairs at, she only saw what she wanted to see even at the expense of dipping into her film money.

I sure there are some good and smart Annas that look like me and found a way to win

Maybe I could’ve been an African heiress with many riches fathers. Or am I?

Shonda hit another one out the park, even friends say they have picked up the book based on “Inventing Anna” if its a real story or completely made up.