March 28, 2021

Life After Death book review

Dope ass book especially on audio

My Review on Sister Souljah‘s Life After Death

  • I listened to the audio version I did not physically read this book, however, I am highly visual and so I was able to visual the things Sister Souljah was describing and Nia Long had just enough bad bish attitude.
  • I could see the long white coat and Prada shoes, the dog she became the hail that was hitting the car, the bombs they used, the oven nightclub. The Angie Martinez interview, Brooklyn mama. 
  • As we all know the second book which is actually the 3rd because of Porshe’s story is never better than the first. Understand that very book is not going to be for everyone. We grew up cheering for Winter Santiaga. She was a part of us.
  • We had all hyped this book up to be what we thought Winter’s life after jail was supposed to be. Many of us were mere teens at the time our young minds read this book. I was a teen and I handed the book to my teems. Its a hood classic. Waiting to Exhale was my mama’s generation classic and The Hate you Give my kids’ classic. 
  • This book was nothing like the first in the wonderful rocky world of Winter Santiaga was a glamours luxury riches to rags to back again. 
  • Life after death was the grime and grit of purgatory from the bible loosely based Dante’s Inferno 


  1. Lust
  2. Gluttony 
  3. Greed
  4. Sloth
  5. Wrath 
  6. Envy 
  7. Pride 

If you look back then you can remember times in which Winter went through these levels in no order before she was able to meet THE ONE.

Those of us that are real readers you know quality when you see it.

Dante’s Inferno was very popular college level book that I read in highschool because some wonderful lady that taught my AP English class told me to read.

Mrs Lane assigned this book and we discussed and talked about this book very intensely. 

  1. Lust
  2. Gluttony 
  3. Greed
  4. Sloth
  5. Wrath 
  6. envy 
  7. Pride 

My thoughts only from being a reader and a fan

#Shastasreading #shastamignon #readingisfundamental
  • Sister Soujia dropping keys to the next generation and y’all don’t even know it cause Winter wasn’t living like hood royalty anymore.
  • Sister Souljah has given us information about religion love, sex, Muslims, Christians and Baptist, black, white, and Asians, loses, wins, bougie, humble pie, broke, rich, ghetto, gutta, happy, sad, Heaven and Hell politics hate disgust life lessons not just through ‘Coldest Winter Ever’ and ‘Life After Death’ but the ‘Midnight’ series as well. 
  • She talked about abortions and Unborn souls looking out for their mothers and saving their lives. The pressure little girls with fathers face having to leave up to his name and take care of the family.  
  • Winter was so hung up in the world she was sleeping with the Devil himself and his son and she liked it, yes screwing the satan.
  • She was excited the deeper she got into the underworld. Winter had to make a deal with the devil. We were taught to fear that type of talk. “Don’t dance with the level.” Winter flipped that ish as only she could do, the way we have gotten to know her.
  • Winter did things her way she called the shots except for that one time when she was so in love that she caught that case. She let her emotions get in front of intelligence and tried to prove she could be a ride or die and she got screwed. She was fighting to find her place in life the way her father wanted it to be. 
  • She told us before to put some respect on her name and we didn’t get it. I am telling you know its levels to that type of legacy, google her.

@me and I won’t care. I said what I said. If you a real reader you knew this already but this my blog my opinion. 

My second book coming soon.