June 30, 2022

My thoughts on only buying food for 1 child

I can’t speak for all women but a real woman never allows a child in her presence to be hungry, and the kids always eat first. I was raised differently I’m feeding mine and his and yours if they with me. No real woman would even date a man that selfish, but I am the I’ll do myself type of mama anyways. I thank God I don’t have those issues my kids have a wonderful father and it makes my part flow smoother. I was a child that didn’t share my brothers sorry ass daddy, but my mama’s husband fed us all, his kids her kids and his deceased brother’s son. No it may not be his responsibility but he was raised by a string black man. So when you put good out and good comes back. No matter the situation the children are innocent and did NOT ask to be here, so men step up. But if you can not say THAT.

We are always testing y’all.
Your slip is showing.

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