December 30, 2022

Tupac Shakur was shot 5 times November 28, 1994 28 years ago today

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Me Against the World

The year was 1995 when Tupac released his hot 15 track album, ‘Me Against the World’ and I was not even old enough to drive yet. I think I bought my first cassette tape, ‘Strictly for my Niggaz’ through Columbia house, damn I told my age but I was already captured by Tupac’s mind through his lyrics, it wasn’t the beat and instruments that did it for me. It was his raw and real ability to paint imagery through words that happened to be the life he was struggling to navigate. He was starring in hit moves Above the Rim, Poetic Justice, Gang Related and Gridlock’d with some of his own music featured in the soundtracks.

In “Me Against the World’s” intro only a minute and 40 seconds long consisted merely of headlines and news reporters recalling controversy that surrounded his legal battles with the assault charges and him surviving being shot and checking himself out of the hospital where he didn’t feel safe that might’ve helped him cheat death. 

Me against the World was on the “Bad Boys” movie soundtrack can you imagine being so gifted talented and creative that you feel like the whole world is against. Tupac Shakur was and is loved and admire by millions of fans yet he felt alone and not just alone but he felt it was this world was against him. 

 Although, Tupac did not miss a beat with this whole freakin album, however, for me  ‘Can you get Away’, was my favorite song on the whole album. I still listen to the CD and I keep this son on repeat. He was begging a battered woman leave her abusive situationship and come be with him and enjoy the good things that his life had to offer her. He was chivalry in 1995, a captain save a hoe if you will. Tupac was a knight in shining THUG LIFE tattoos wearing baggy Cross Colours gear and a nose ring, he was her Romeo, he was her Bruce Wayne and yet she was stayed. 

Tupac’s voice was soothing sincere and heartfelt but his words made me want to pack a bag and runaway too, but as teen it wasn’t an abusive relationship I needed to be rescued from it was the hardships of life that seem to mirror those of the musical genius whose government name TuPac Amaru Shakur, the son of a Black Panther. Heavy was the crown that was passed down through birth.

So Many Tears Tupac laid out the pain and pressure he was under from the time he was a kid in elementary school to his last moments in that black BMW with satan himself, “If I die Tonight. If I did die young who would even care, closed casket bury me a “G” he sounded liked he had danced with the devil cheating death a few times being shot 5 times but he knew he couldn’t run forever. He poured from his heart and bled out his soul on the wax he was crying to cleanse his soul before he would meet his untimely death on September 13, 1996 seven days after being shot in Vegas.

Even a genius ask questions, Nas’ quoted this on his Lost Tape 2 album in Adult film, proving that Pac’s words are so relevant for today’s generation. Tupac stated in an interview that he might not change that world but he would definitely spark the minds of the ones that would change the world. And no truer words were quoted because he sparked mine and millions more such as the Nipsey Hussles, Troubles, Takeoffs, Kendricks, TIs, and most of the smart hustlers trying avoid the cell or the grave. Yet all he saw was that the world he carrying on his back was crashing down on top of him. He couldn’t trust, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t rest and his one and only outlet was the very thing that was working against him, his penmanship. 

Death around the corner must’ve come to Pac as a premonition because he spoke so passionately about the grim reaper following his every move awaiting to snatch his soul before he would reach his full potential. “I had a mind full of demons trying to break free they planted seeds and they hatched,” Pac begged for forgiveness “Please Lord forgive for my sins cause here I come. His repentance for the things he did and sorrow he might’ve inflicted, although, he wasn’t perfect he honest and real raw prolific and that’s how he became the GOAT even today in 2022.  Fuck the world cause I’m cursed having visions of leaving here in a hearse. 

Lord knows Did Tupac have visions of death being around the corner and have conversations with the Lord? The line when he said they should’ve killed me as a baby, was so sadly stated did Tupac feel like if he died as infant the world would’ve been better off, I couldn’t imagine this world without the poetic genius tall dark and fine ass man like thee Tupac.  “Done lost too many niggas to this gang bang homey’s died in my arms with his brains hanging fucked up I had to tel him it was alright and that’s a lie and he knew when he shook and died, My God.”  I could picture him in the streets holding on to a friend trying to comfort him in his final moments and that was a picture I never seen before but I seat every time I hear this line. 

 Is is really Mother’s Day if we don’t hear “Dear Mama” which instantly became thee number one mama anthem Pac spoke gratitude to not just Afeni but to our mama’s as too. Afeni, former black panther pregnant in jail was the definition of a strong black mama that tried her hardest to raise kids alone with the weight of knowing her only son’s life mission would lead to her greatest pain. He told her he knew there was no way he could pay her back. I think he paid her back and so much more with his gift and talents that will live on forever,  Rest in peace queen, Afeni Shakur and thank you for Tupac’s life and your legacy. 


He made unreleased songs as gifts for us to experience long after his death.  I must mention the I aint mad at cha on All Eyez (double disc) on me video where he showed us he would be shot and killed go to heaven with the greats but Pac also assured his fans that he would indeed live on forever, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, which gave fans like myself wishful thinking that prophet had fake his death in the dopest way.

“A coward dies a thousand deaths a solider dies but once,” Tupac has never really died he is just no longer here in the physical.

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