September 6, 2022

Another show wrap up Ms Pat on BET+

This season of Ms Pat show did not disappoint at all but baby it was damn sure triggering. I wasn’t sure if I should cry or laugh or make me a therapist appointment. Pat and Denise of course make the whole cast laugh and it was funny asf but there was a few moments I had to say woah that’s heavy.

I could relate to this season in so many ways as a helicopter mother as a black daughter as a friend/sister and a ex-spouse. I felt sorry when Denise was triggered back in alcohol because of tragedies in her childhood.

I felt like Pat with nappy crunchy hair that I didn’t think was pretty unless its bone straight with hot combs and flat irons and chemical relaxers. I felt Pat when she said her body her choice. I relate to every episode its hard to find something I don’t like about it. I would love to see more of the auntie though she should be reoccurring.

oh I see there was more guest appearances that wasn’t really in season one and I could’ve done without a few.