September 5, 2022

Untrapped Lil Baby Documentary

Lately Amazon has been killing with their tv show and movies but the documentaries are undeniable the dopest ones right this one and Mary J Blige’s have been my favorites.

I listen to his music I mean how can you not he is on everything everywhere but to hear that he had no interest in rapping makes his success story even better. I heard him say in past interviews that he bought houses for his mom and sisters and even his babies’ mama but I didn’t realize it was because he knew evictions and he had no father figure in the house, so he carried the women he loves on his back. UNTRAPPED shows he is more than just him influencing the rap world and taking it by storm, he’s a brand, a business man and a great father and son.

His mother’s only son, Lil Baby felt the weight of responsibility at an early age youngest of 3 raised by a single mother in some of the hardest places to live in Georgia that is not easy and drugs was the way he was able to help his single mother. Lil Baby beat the odds and the way he raises his sons means he was the curse breaker in his family. It was cycle that he decided would end with him and that’s not easy because he knows what is at stake. I saw the videos of his security and I know they understand their assignment; secure the fucking bag, protect Lil Baby at all cost.

Watching his documentary explains why he’s so closed off and shys away from the spotlight that his rap life demands. Lil Baby has seen a lot and we all know how the saying goes “Heavy is the head, who wears the crown. To whom much is given much is required”, gospel and street for you.

The fame and fortune hasn’t hardened Lil Baby. He has shut down and bought out malls to give back to his community that no doubts loves and supports him, only a glimpse of him seeing giving out coats on the documentary but a quick google search and you’ll see it. Probably Lil Baby being modest or too humble or staying out the light as much as possible, because he has seen a lot of shit in his young life that many of us probably wouldn’t last a day in his shoes. And that’s what I think drives him, he understands that rap saved his life. On the way to Grammy’s he stated he could be still selling drugs instead of performing live on stage. Lil Baby was not even phased by being snubbed at the awards show, he just felt that it was honor enough to be able to perform The Bigger Picture that will live on forever, a way that his friends and family all over the world would be able to see him.

You have to respect the man behind the music I’ve seen several interviews via social media post about him using his platform to educate his large following because he is very intelligent. Donating clothes shoes and food on his hometown. Lil Baby is the prime example that it doesn’t matter what they say about you as long as you know what and who you are. He started out as a statistic, born into poverty to single black mother, surrounded by drugs and little to none options to make it out, a convicted felon to a law abiding productive member of society despite the odds I love it. His success story should be a testament to all black boys and girls you have real role models pass your neighborhood.